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This concrete flower pot is a large flower pot. Its shape tends to be industrial, and it is a cool style. It is suitable for placing outside the glass window of the store. Planting flowers is a contradiction between industrial style and small freshness, but it is eye-catching.

Durability: Concrete planters are made from cement used in buildings. As a result, concrete planters are sturdy and can be used with the seasons. Concrete containers are more difficult to crack or shatter than ceramics and terra cotta.

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Individually hand cast by artisans

Crafted of a cement and fiberglass composite

Keeping wet after demold in outdoor for best condition

Multiple layers of protection to keep away from damage

grey rectangular flower pot (2)

Insulation: These outdoor planters keep the soil at a warm, stable temperature and provide some degree of UV protection. This works well for plants in warm climates and protects the roots from large temperature changes.

Weight: Concrete planters are heavy; therefore, they are suitable for larger plants that require some stability.

Product Name flower pot/planter
color Customizable
size Customizable
Material concrete
Usage Decorate/plant flowers
grey rectangular flower pot (5)
grey rectangular flower pot (3)

Drainage Hole

Roots love moisture but are afraid of excessive water. That’s why there’s a drainage hole to keep the plant from getting root rot.

Small Pads

Small pads on the bottom of the plant pot help protect the table or floor from scratches.

Sturdy Cement Material

The flower pots are gray in color with an unglazed finish. Cement lets plants breathe more than glazed ceramic fit indoors, helps the soil to dry out a little more quickly.

Modern Minimalist Style

It has a sleek style that will compliment any house. These planter pots can be used for a wide variety of plants like cactus, snake plant, aloe, herbs and succulent, especially suitable for root-depth plants.

grey rectangular flower pot (6)
grey rectangular flower pot (8)

Finishing Touch to Any Room

This cement pots for plants is great for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining table, kitchen, windowsill, desktop.

Grooved Cement Planter, it has a smooth finish and is perfect for modern/contemporary decor. Pots are suitable for flower arrangements or potted plants. Planters used by florists feature full floral foam tiles and are also used for indoor or outdoor display events. It can be displayed alone or combined with five other shapes in the collection. We recommend using a plastic lining to ensure water resistance.

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