Back to Concrete Life 

When he was a BOY, he did not cater to  common customs and originally loved the mountainous and idyllic life by nature, the poet of the Song Dynasty Tao Yuanming said. So do I, then I am back to concrete life, another natural life way. When I escape from bitter strife with men, I live a free and easy life again. After all, less is more.

The color of cement, most of which belongs to low saturation and high grayness, should have given people a cool impression, but the texture is different, either the feeling will be delicate, coarse, smooth, oily. Cement elements are like the poet’s brush and ink, allowing them to draw out the waves and softness of water, and cement material is everywhere showing a sense of high level that calls out for it.

When concrete is integrated with wood, light and green plans, it would create an overall feeling of both power and shelter. Moreover, it can be non-slip, durable, won’t crack like self-leveling, and is particularly easy to maintain. Additionally, choosing minimalist furniture with more textured materials, reduces overly fancy patterns and color buildup, and use black, white and gray and wood colors overall, with less risk of something.

Without wanting to have too many cement elements in the hard furnishings, there are plenty of options in the soft furnishings. Like cement textured coffee table, lamps, flower pot, and rattan sofa, which are good pieces, although the object is relatively small, when you use it, the light flows through its delicate texture, as if it is a cement object that extends directly from the ground, there will be the comfort of being wrapped in nature. Cement elements are not just one color, some of the more expensive GFRC even have dozens and hundreds of colors to choose from.

Every one have the right to choose what you want to live while not every has big courage to follow with. JUJIANG CRAFT, the manufacture from China, will achieve your dream.

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Post time: Jun-09-2023