How To Style Your Concrete Coffee Table?

Now, if you have the perfect concrete coffee table installed, do not allow it to sit naked in the middle of the room, where it will fall prey to a collection of remotes, magazines, and random odds and ends. Take these five concepts into account when planning how to style your concrete coffee table, and you will not feel the need to style it over and over again, endlessly searching for the right combination.


Whether you have a round, ellipse, cube, or classic rectangular concrete coffee table shape, playing with the shape of your coffee table top is a must to bring harmony to your space. Tap into the magic designer’s rule for triples and group items in triples. Three unique vases, three vignettes, etc. If you have a larger concrete coffee table, you can include more items, just keep it to odd numbers. Use different shapes, such as stacks of books for rectangles, elegant bowls for circles, and geometrical trays. A well-placed knick-knack or two adds some organic shape and brings balance to the overall design.

concrete table


Similar to the rule of three, you can also utilize sectioning to arrange surfaces on your coffee table like a professional designer. Square tables are naturally divided into quarters, and circles into thirds. Rectangles or ovals are great for splitting in a non-symmetric way, which adds interest. Trays and vessels (like bowls) on the coffee table are an excellent way to cordon off areas in both symmetrical and more organic arrangements. They occupy space and create visually pleasing divisions. Get creative with shapes to create unique sections.


Add some drama by layering objects on your coffee table. It gives the surface more depth and adds interest to your entire space. Place a vase of flowers on top of a book, put fruit in a bowl, position knickknacks on top of a tray, and display a plant on top of a decorative cube. Stack your decor tastefully, and your coffee table will never fail to attract the right kind of attention.

concrete coffee table


Most coffee tables are lower to the ground, usually about the height of the seats in the room. Make your coffee table rise by creating different heights with objects on top of it. You can easily create levels by employing layering (see above), or you can simply select items of differing heights. Flowers and greenery in taller vases are an excellent way to achieve some height. Candles in candlesticks also work.


Pick objects of differing sizes to keep things interesting and balance your coffee table design. Mix larger books with smaller ones, taller vases with shorter ones, and trays of various dimensions. Size can be made even more interesting when paired with other coffee table design concepts. For example, bowls of different sizes nested together do double duty as size and layering. Scaling different sized trays in the quadrants of a square coffee table pulls the profile and size together.

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Make your coffee table stand out by styling it to perfection. Knowing how to style your coffee table is not hard when equipped with these strategies.

Post time: Sep-09-2023