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【Fire is so Delightful】: Outdoor Propane Burning Fire Pit Table,No soot or ash to clean up and no smoke as with wood burning or charcoal fires, Use propane fuel to provide stable and green burning, so you no longer suffer from ash and smog.

【Multi-function Fire Pit】: Propane Gas Fire Pit Table deal for warmth, BBQ and cooling drinks and food in patio/garden/yard.also ideal for cool evenings, with Flame Adjustment, providing cozy warmth, lithe light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere.

【PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING FUN UP 】: Frosted concrete, simple and elegant, whether it is a courtyard, a terrace, or a swimming pool, It’s worth to have one in your patio, just enjoy and get to converse around the beautiful fire pit! Ideal for gathering around with friends and family for warmth, good conversation, You can even serve an intimate dinner for four right on the spacious ledge surrounding the warm glowing lava rocks.

【Warranty】: Fire Table, Free Lava Rocks, Product Manual, In order to create a beautiful time for you and your family or friends. We promise fire pit to provide 24 months warranty.

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    Product Name T-CY00002 concrete Gas Fire Pit Table
    color Customizable
    Table foot structure Glass fiber cast concrete
    size Customizable
    Usage Fire/decorate

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    There are an infinite number of possible designs, and outdoor fire pits no longer need to be just a round pile of rocks. I work with several basic styles of gas fed fire pits when I design outdoor gardens to enchant my clients.

    The popularity of fire pits and the fire effects they produce in the garden is one of fastest growing trends in outdoor design. The allure of sitting around a fire ring has been around since the beginning of mankind. Fire provides warmth, light, a cooking source and, of course relaxation. A dancing flame has a mesmerizing affect that encourages you to unwind and settle in. The popularity of fire pits, or conversation pits as they are commonly called, has grown rapidly in recent years. Proper design and construction will ensure a safe and enjoyable feature that will last several decades.

    Fire Pit Construction Techniques:

    Typical construction on all of these features involves digging a pit, raising walls with brick or cinderblock, and veneering the outside with stucco, stone, brick, or tile. The interior veneer must be authentic firebrick with a fire-proof grout. This detail is often overlooked by installers but can result in an extremely hazardous situation if aggregate in concrete or cinderblock overheats and explodes.

    When selecting the proper height to construct your fire pit consider this: 12-14 inches tall is best for putting your feet up; if you set them higher you can lose circulation to your legs and feet. Standard seat height is 18-20 inches, so build your feature at this height if you intend people to be comfortable sitting on it instead of next to it.

    Gas ring upside down or right side up? Talk to anybody who’s been in the business for any length of time and they will tell you firmly that the gas ring must be installed with the holes facing down, ….or up. It depends on who you talk to. If you check the instructions, most manufacturers recommend installing with the holes downward. This keeps the water out of the ring and spreads the gas more evenly. Many contractors still prefer to install the holes facing up for effect in sand and under glass. There seems to be a difference of opinion within the industry with the experts split half and half. I have installed them both ways and generally allow the fire pit fill material and the effect I am after to dictate ring placement.

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