The newest modern simple style Gray Concrete coffee table

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It adopts a combination of concrete and fibreglass desktop. It is not only beautiful, but also maintains the stability of the structure and makes it more durable. Convenient installation:The installation is very convenient, simple and beautiful to match various scenes, and perfectly matches each scene in the family, such as the living room and bedroom. You can freely combine two sets of different sizes according to different needs.

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A:High strength:GFRC has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Glass fibers create high tensile strength while the high polymer content makes the concrete flexible and resistant to cracking.
B:Extremely durable: GRC Last much longer than steel re-enforced precast elements, particularly in harsh coastal areas or industrial applications
C:Good weather ability :Good abrasion and weather resistance (anti-corrosion, anti-freezing) .Excellent fire-proof performance,Eco-friendly . Garden table are widely use for outsize and inside decoration

Types of  Modern style
Feature  Durable Fireproof Waterproof
Package  Pearl cotton + bubble paper + carton + wooden stand
Colour  Cement water surface
Size  size of the design
Usage  Outdoor + indoor + home + garden + shopping mall + meeting room
Shape  Round
Certification  ISO9001
Material  Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete
Volume  size of the design
Service  Before sale after sale
The newest modern simple style1
The newest modern simple style8

Product introduction:

Concrete coffee tables don't get dirty. What can be stained, however, is the rusted steel incorporated into the design to give the piece a rustic and industrial feel. It is best to keep the material in its original state. However, if the customer wishes to avoid this natural rust, the sealing plate can also be made according to the customer's request. Overall, the concrete table is very durable and stable, so you can place almost anything on it.

The countertop of this coffee table can be converted into different materials, such as concrete material, metal material, marble material, etc., and the matching is flexible, and the base we choose the matte effect of cement spray paint, which looks very fashionable and high-end, and can also be made of cement Grey or different shapes. We love this collection of coffee table so much!

The newest modern simple style9


Keep furniture dry when not in use; wipe spills clean with a dry cloth and avoid the use of harsh cleaners and abrasives. Cover with an outdoor cover (sold separately) when left outside during inclement weather or when not in use. Make sure furniture is completely dry before covering.

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