long outdoor concrete imitation wood bench

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This concrete outdoor bench is simple and classic in shape, and can be seen everywhere in parks, squares, gardens and other places. It can be made into a solid color as a whole, or it can be made into a wood-like effect. It can also be combined with preservative wood on the top surface. This is the type of furniture that engineering project managers like to purchase. It is thick and durable, can withstand strong sunlight and wind and rain for a long time outdoors, and lasts for a long time. Its size can be customized, the regular size is 1200/1500/2000 mm in length, etc.

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Product Name long outdoor imitation wood bench
color Customizable
size Customizable
Material concrete
Usage Outdoor,Backyard,Patio,Balcony,Garden,etc.
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long outdoor concrete imitatio7

Product introduction:

Do concrete bench stain?

Concrete bench don't get dirty. What can be stained, however, is the rusted steel incorporated into the design to give the piece a rustic and industrial feel. It is best to keep the material in its original state. However, if the customer wishes to avoid this natural rust, the sealing plate can also be made according to the customer's request. Overall, the concrete bench is very durable and stable, so you can place almost anything on it.

This bench has lasting style in any outdoor or indoor space.

With attractive clean lines, tactile materials, and a variety of shapes, sizes, neutrals, pops of color, and versatile designs, it's designed for any space, any occasion.

LIGHTEIGHT CONCRETE: This bench is constructed with lightweight concrete for a smooth look. This provides a highly durable structure that can hold a substantial amount of weight.

NO ASSEMBLY: This bench comes ready to use straight out of the box. No assembly is required.


Keep furniture dry when not in use; wipe spills clean with a dry cloth and avoid the use of harsh cleaners and abrasives. Cover with an outdoor cover (sold separately) when left outside during inclement weather or when not in use. Make sure furniture is completely dry before covering.

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